What is the Deal With Terrible Merchandising?

OK, so I was walking through the mall the other day, doing a little bit of window shopping. I like to look at what I can’t afford, because I’m always up for a little bit of torture. But what I saw this time shocked me. There was a new store in the mall that I was really looking forward to checking out. It billed itself as funky antiques and art. Sounded cool, their signage during construction was great, but then I got to see the actual store. Yikes!

First of all, the store’s contents were literally spilling out into the mall. They have a weird corner location so they can have some of their merchandise outside the doors. But it isn’t arranged in any kind of an organized fashion. They have this huge metal lion, some rocks, a table, and a bunch of other things that I can’t remember at the moment just sitting there in a weird kind of pile. At first I thought that maybe the store wasn’t open, but it was. It looked like the contents from inside had just kind of spilled out… kind of like in cartoons when the kid opens his closet door and everything that he stashed in there when he cleaned his room comes crashing out.

So at this point, in sick fascination, I decide that I have to go take a closer look. When I get to where I can see past the giant lion into the store, I notice that the inside looks nearly as bad. It is like they had enough stuff to fill four stores and decided to cram it all into one. Tiny aisles, tall shelves, lots of things that were supposed to smell good (but really didn’t when they were all mixed together), and all of it in bright colors. It was complete mess of sensory overload. I couldn’t get myself to walk through the door. It was like my feet said, “you can’t make me go in there, it’s gonna hurt my head.” So, sadly, I walked away and did the rest of my window shopping. Maybe someday I can convince my feet to let me have a quick peek inside.

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