Is Olive Oil Good for Massage?

Olive oil is made from extracts of green vegetables, is considered one of the best oil for doing massage. When people use Olive Oil on their skin, it makes their skin smooth. If you don’t know how to use olive oil, then you should visit Use the best lotion for massage to avoid skin problems. Olive oil has multiple minerals, which helps in reducing the stretch marks and sun tanning. It is safe for the skin, so you need not add any other oil. Nowadays people are working hard to earn money, so they want a good massage at the end of the day. So with the help of a body massage, they feel relaxed.

Is Olive Oil Good for Massage?

Topmost Benefits of doing massage with olive oil

Everyone loves to get a massage as it provides relaxation to the body. Many beauty parlors provide body massage. The best part about specialized massage centers is that they use the lotion for massage. People should massage their bodies at least once in a week if they are not visiting any massage center. Your body becomes dry when you don’t apply oil, and it causes roughness. So you should use olive oil to avoid dryness.

-Best oil for head massage-

Olive oil is suitable for full body massage and light massage since it absorbs into the skin very quickly and fast. There are a lot of advantages of massaging the head with olive oil. Massaging olive oil on the head is a perfect way to relieve stress. Massaging olive oil on the head is also a perfectly natural way to treat dandruff because it is rich in nutrients and vitamins. It can also help to remove itchiness and irritation from the scalp and moisturize it. It also enables hair growth and improves circulation on your head and neck. It may also help to relieve headaches. So whenever you want to buy a new bottle of oil, choose the best lotion.

-Reduces Stretch marks-

Stretch marks are among the most common problems that women face as they grow older. Stretch marks appear due to pregnancy or stretching of the skin. These marks can be easily removed by massaging your skin with olive oil because olive oil provides moisture to your skin. Stretch mark may make a woman uneasy and insecure about herself and makes her feel uncomfortable about wearing dresses that reveal skin. So you should massage with olive oil on that skin, which is a perfect stretch mark removal remedy. You should make sure that while getting massage the olive oil is absorbed in entire pores.

Is Olive Oil Good for Massage?

-A stress buster-

Without any doubt, everyone who craves to get a massage from professionals is the one who is looking to bust out their stress. The main reason behind this aspect is that with the help of body and head massage, anyone can relax their muscles within a few minutes and get rid of the stress they are having. Natural oils are readily available in the market at lower prices. There are different types of massage oils so that you can buy according to your budget.

Mainly every professional athlete gets a massage regularly because it helps them to enhance their performance by keeping their muscles relaxed. With the help of massage, anyone can quickly improve the overall blood circulation within their body, which will help them dramatically to stay away from injuries and improve their overall working.

Why olive oil best for massage?

If you are the one who is looking for lotion for massage, then automatically olive oil can be your first choice.

  • One of the best things about olive oil is that it is non-sticky, and this is why a majority of people are now shifting their interest from mustard and other oils to olive oil for the aspect of massaging. Olive oil has quick absorption because of the increased giants which it has, so our body and skin quickly adapt olive oil.
  • Another solid reason why olive oil is becoming the first choice of every person looking to get a massage is that it is readily available in the market. Moreover, olive oil does not have any after using smell in it, which is considered as one of the primary reasons behind the rapid growth of olive oil for massage.
  • If you prefer to massage daily, then it’s better to use olive oil. Everyone can use massage oil, no matter if they are kids or older people. The people who are allergic to a pleasant smell cannot use essential oil. So for them, olive massage oil is best.

Heat the oil- for getting a perfect massage

When you are doing a massage, you need to know the proper way, which will provide you relaxation. Getting a massage from expert people helps in curing pain and calms the mind. They use the best lotion. Suppose you are doing massage at home, then you should know how to apply oil in different parts of the body. The first thing you should check the oil is warm or not.

Please don’t use the room temperature oil because it does not provide any benefit to the body. So you need to pre-heat the oil. If you are using the best oil for massage, then you should also warm it. Warm oil gives relaxation to the mind and helps in proper blood circulation. The person feels comfortable when they use lukewarm oil on their skin. Make sure that the oil is not heating too much; otherwise, it will cause irritation. Before applying the oil on the body, check its temperature.

Some oils are not very greasy, so you can also use them if you think that your skin cannot absorb much oil. Body massage keeps the skin fresh and active. Sometimes you need to take a bath after body massage when the oil has a strong smell. If you want to take a shower, consider a gap of an hour.

Does Dry Shampoo Work on Dark Hair?

Does Dry Shampoo Work on Dark Hair?

There are different types of hair around the world which need to be taken care of differently if one aims at maintaining healthy hair. People with dark hair specifically have a big challenge when it comes to selecting hair products, especially when looking for best dry shampoo for dark hair.

It is important to know the best dry shampoo for dark hair since this is a product that is used frequently because the hair is cleaned on as regular basis. If the shampoo being used on dark hair has some harmful ingredients, it will harm the hair which may cause hair loss and may also make the hair to turn into a color that was intended by the owner.

Does Dry Shampoo Work on Dark Hair?

That is why it is good to go for dry shampoo is you have dark hair. Dry shampoo has ingredients that will take care of the hair leaving it soft and smooth and therefore easy to comb. It is mainly used by those who do not have much time to wash off hair with water, which will mean that they have to also have to have time to dry their hair.

Does dry shampoo work on dark hair? The answer is yes it does work on most hairs and is always used as an alternative when there is no time to do regular washing. The dry shampoo helps maintain a clean hair and scalp for even up to two weeks, though is the person is involved in active daily activities, the hair would only be clean for up to a week or a few days depending on the activities and environment.

Why use dry shampoo on dark hair?

Dry shampoo can work on dark hair but it is important to use it sparingly since long and very frequent use of the dry shampoo can damage hair and cause irritation on the scalp. Dry shampoo is mainly used by those people who need to wash hair but have no time to go through the long process of washing hair using the regular shampoo. The best dry shampoo for dark hair will remove all grease from the hair instantly leaving it feeling good and fresh. This will also make it easy for the user to style her hair especially if she wants to hold them all back.

Just like the name suggests, dry shampoo is dry no water is required, just rub through the hair and style and you are good to go. After using the dry shampoo it is necessary to apply hair moisturizer or hair conditioner especially during hot days so that the hair can remain protected from direct heat. This will take the hair through another few days before the hair is properly washed with regular shampoo and water. The best dry shampoo for dark hair is normally lasts for up to two weeks before the hair is washed using water, but the days vary depending on the user’s daily routine and environment.

Does Dry Shampoo Work on Dark Hair?

How to choose the best dry shampoo for dark hair

There are over ten types of dry shampoo but not all of them can be used on dark hair since most of them can leave the scalp white if not well applied especially on dark hair. The best dry shampoo for dark hair are made with ingredients such as cocoa powder, arrow root powder, corn starch and essential oil such as lavender. Some of the dry shampoos are also made with styling ingredients which leave the hair texture feeling soft and also increases the hair volume and thickness.

When choosing the dry shampoo it is important to look at the ingredients so as to be sure that what you are settling for will work well for your hair. There are some that are scented and will therefore leave the hair smelling nice and fresh. The dry shampoo is meant to only take the hair through for two to three days but nowadays with busy life schedule people tend to over stay with it. One of the very known best dry shampoo for dark hair is Keratin complex volumizing dry shampoo lift powder. It increases the volume and strengthens the dark after it has been used, and does not leave the hair dry because it is made with essential oil.

Reasons for using dry shampoo on dark hair

There are many reasons why people use the dry shampoo on dark hair and one obvious reason is its convenience and time saving nature. One can literally apply this dry shampoo almost anywhere and anytime. The best dry shampoo for dark hair helps regulate and control oil production from the scalp which helps ensure that the scalp is not itchy for a period of time. The dry shampoo is specifically more convenient for frequent travellers who can easily use the shampoo during their trip, and give them time to stay fresh all through their time away from home.

For those who have lice in the head, using the dry shampoo will clear them out without having to use expensive medication. The lice can cause damage to the scalp and can be so hard to get rid of but using the dry shampoo makes the task easy and stress free. There are therefore very many reasons which are beneficial to those using the dry shampoo and it is therefore important to have it as part of the hair treatment products at any given time. Those already using the dry shampoo can attest to the fact that it provides convenience where needed and particularly good for those with busy schedule.

Wrap Up

Finding the best dry shampoo for dark hair is therefore important for all those with this type of hair because they will enjoy very many advantages. It is clear that dry shampoo works well on dark hair and it is therefore a necessity for all those with this kind of hair. The market prices vary for different types of dry shampoo so it is important to look at what is good for your hair before you settle on it. Once you know what type of dark hair you have either soft, curly or thick, then it will be easy to ask the hair expert to advise on the best product for you.

Should I Buy Shoes While Pregnant?

Pregnant women must be conscious about how to choose and buy new clothes and accessories at the time of pregnancy period. As a pregnant woman, you may require the comfortable shoes. This is because the first-class shoes provide a great support and stability when the overall weight of your body increases. These shoes are vital as your center of balance shifts. Pregnant women who wear the best shoes for pregnancy can stay comfortable and prevent injury as expected.

Should I Buy Shoes While Pregnant

You require buying the right pair of shoes after a comprehensive analysis of various things. Some beginners to the pregnancy safe shoes misunderstand that they cannot get attractive designs of functional shoes. However, they can explore and compare top brands of pregnancy safe shoes known by their attractiveness and support for users.

Understand the basics of shoes shopping

Women who wear shoes that are comfy, cute and designed to provide the maximum support during their pregnancy can get 100% satisfaction and maximum benefits. If you are pregnant and thinking about how to take care of your feet and overall health, then you can prefer and buy the cheap and best shoes.

The first-class yet affordable shoes assist users to protect themselves from cuts from uneven terrain and sharp objects, sprained ankles or any other injuries caused by poor grip and slips and falls.

Pregnant women who wear high-quality shoes can get protection from potential diseases like plantar warts, toenail fungus and athlete’s foot. They can avoid diabetes, back pain, neck pain, hip pain and vascular diseases when they replace improper footwear with the best shoes.

Should I Buy Shoes While Pregnant

Explore different types of shoes

You may be a beginner to the shoes and get confused with different options. You must be aware of the main categories of shoes and their benefits before exploring a good collection of suitable shoes.

Athletic shoes

Athletic shoes are designed to provide the stability, comfort and non-skid surface. These shoes are known by their nature to provide solid arch as well as ankle support. These shoes fully cover the foot and often include laces. Pregnant women must avoid these shoes as they may get difficulty to bend don and do them up. These shoes also cover the entire foot and may be tight and hot for swollen feet during pregnancy.

Flip flops

Flip flops are available in so many designs and known as thongs. Experts in the shoes for pregnancy nowadays suggest flip-flops as these shoes are easy to put on and let the feet to expand. You must choose and buy flip flops after you have ensured that these shoes fit correctly and designed well to prevent tripping.


Boots are designed to provide the warmth and maximum ankle support. However, people who suffer from swollen ankles, difficulty to bend over to tie shoes and enlarged calves related problems must avoid boots.  You can focus on the complete details about shoes suggested for pregnant women and consider pros and cons of all these shoes one after another. You will get the best assistance as expected and succeed in shoes shopping on online.


Sandals are popular for their design which lets the feet to have more space and breathe. Flats are appropriate for many people as they are easy to slip on and off. This footwear provides enough space for feet and also ankles to expand.

Take note of important things

Choosing the cheap and shoes for pregnancy is very important to improve your comfort level and protect yourself from unfavourable things. You can focus on the slip-on, rubber soles, low heel, arch support and other things while selecting the pregnancy shoes on online or in-stores.

Specialists in the pregnancy safe shoes these days recommend slip-on shoes as this footwear let pregnant women’s swollen feet to get in and also out as convenient as possible. There is no need to figure out how to compromise the comfort to bend over and tie them. Pregnant women often suffer from joint discomfort due to their pregnancy. They can prefer footwear with the best rubber soles. This is because rubber is a good shock absorber, used to alleviate the joint discomfort and provide the maximum grip to avoid slips and falls.

Should I Buy Shoes While Pregnant

You may be pregnant and search for the first-class yet reasonable prices of footwear items on online. You can choose and order shoes with low heel and arch support.  This is because low heels in shoes provide you enough stability, maximum protection and support. Sufferers of foot pain during their pregnancy can prefer and buy the footwear with arch support.

You can wear shoes with arch support in the center of bottom of feet and get rid of foot pain. Fashionable designs of affordable shoes not only impress pregnant women, but encourage such women for buying these shoes on online. You can buy shoes designed as slip-ons with air-cooled memory foam inside shoes to stay comfortable.

Make a well-informed decision

The uppers of the footwear for pregnant women must be flexible enough for accommodating the foot. The midsole of the footwear recommended for pregnant women have built-in shock absorption. The non-skid sole of the shoes help pregnant women to prevent slips and get enough protection.  The upper portion of the best shoes for pregnancy is made of breathable mesh to let the shoe to give enough space when the users need while maintaining enough support. Rubber material is used to make the sole which helps users to keep away from slipping possibilities and provides shock absorption required for alleviating the stress on joints.

Pregnant women are advised to wear shoes specially designed to treat swollen feet. This is because these shoes do not have any restrictive ankle and let ample room for feet to expand whenever necessary. The canvas material of the footwear is used to keep the feet comfortable while swelling goes up and down. The non-skid synthetic sole in the footwear helps pregnant women prevent slipping. There is a supportive insole in this footwear with arch support required for preventing the bottom of feet from becoming fatigued.

How to Remove Psoriasis Scales From Scalp With Right Psoriasis Shampoo?

Psoriasis is a scalp condition that impacts a variety of people. Grownups are not the only ones impacted by it, because the condition can take place in kids and even babies. Researchers presume that most cases of psoriasis are brought on by severe tension, or specific medications. The condition, luckily, can normally be treated with medications along with using best shampoo for psoriasis.

How to Remove Psoriasis Scales From Scalp

Psoriasis problems can normally be treated with prescription medications or making use of the sun’s extremely own fixing abilities. These work quick and efficiently in recovery the dry and perhaps lesion-filled areas of the scalp. Utilizing a shampoo is the best way to safeguard the scalp from more damage throughout the day or night.

If skin is cleaned up, hydrated, and looked after appropriately, psoriasis itself or its problems can be considerably reduced. If that’s not the case, an over the counter option like a shampoo is typically excellent enough to offer perfect and essential results. Is cannot entirely treat the condition of the scalp, a reliable psoriasis shampoo can take care of alleviating the issues of the illness, such as dry, scratchy, and injuring scalp and skin. Most hair shampoos for psoriasis include coal tar or salicylic acid, which work in cleaning the scalp and after that drying it out. Cleaning the hair with a shampoo for psoriasis can already lead to instant relief for the individual’s head and character.

What does a good psoriasis shampoo does?

A good shampoo for psoriasis would include other active ingredients aside from coal tar or salicylic acid. Even over-the-counter brands nowadays consist of active ingredients like vitamins, minerals, ketoconazole, and even small steroids. These active ingredients can assist the scalp go back to its natural and healthy state from before it got contaminated with the illness.

The shampoo for psoriasis works best if it is left on the scalp for 10-15 minutes before being rinsed. These enable the scalp particles to be gathered and removed with the shampoo suds later on. If the psoriasis program is too extreme, a second cleaning, sudsing, and washing may be too common and redundant with the clips. Most psoriasis treatments will do terrific things for the scalp, however will significantly affect the hair color of the user. The coal tar substance in the shampoo can trigger a minor staining near the roots. It can even make hair feel dried. the user needs to then consult his skin doctor, or use a strong conditioner to counter this adverse effects.

A healthy scalp and beautiful hair are things which all people must be entitled to have. Get that shine-worthy crown of hair back with a great psoriasis shampoo. Make certain to search all brands and compare costs and functions to find the item which will be best for the job.

What to Try to find in a Psoriasis Shampoo?

If you are among the many people who have scalp psoriasis, you have either attempted or will wish to attempt using psoriasis shampoo to aid with the condition. There are many available non-prescription ranges from which to select, and they can aid with psoriasis. There are also many natural remedy hair shampoos which have been revealed to minimize the results of the condition.

How to Remove Psoriasis Scales From Scalp

Psoriasis is a persistent and non-infectious or infectious skin problem from which countless Americans suffer. It is not in fact an illness in and of itself, however it typically results from other body mechanics. The exact cause of the condition is not known, it can be connected to a number of other disorders as well as other physiological conditions, consisting of hormone levels, hereditary predisposition, and age.

Many physicians and investigates believe psoriasis is really an adverse effects of the body’s own body immune system. Conditions related to autoimmune response are those which are brought on by triggers or the overreaction of the body’s immune response to external elements. These triggers can result in flares in psoriasis signs. Typical triggers can consist of typical health problems, serious infections, other persistent conditions, and tension.

The most typical forms of psoriasis are those which affect the elbows, knees, and scalp skin. Scalp psoriasis can appear comparable to dandruff in grownups and teenagers, and to “cradle cap” in babies and children. Similar to dandruff, the most efficient treatment for scalp psoriasis is using properly designed hair shampoos. Those hair shampoos created for the treatment of dandruff can frequently be efficient in dealing with moderate cases of scalp psoriasis. Other special psoriasis hair shampoos can also work for many patients. Those hair shampoos that include particular components are the most efficient. These active ingredients consist of zinc and salicylic acid.

What about the Coal tar hair shampoos?

Coal tar hair shampoos have been shown especially useful in the treatment of scalp psoriasis. They are developed to exfoliate psoriasis scales on the scalp, and can for that reason offer remedy for dryness and itching in addition to enhancing general scalp look. Shampoos can be acquired through a prescription from a skin doctor.

The scalp is a challenging place to get psoriasis. It itches a good deal and the flakes can look like dandruff. In some locations, there can be loss of hair and regular hair shampoos do not always assist quite. Hair shampoos which contain a lot of scent can in fact make psoriasis even worse as can hair shampoos which are colored with a pigment. The delicate skin of people with psoriasis makes the choice of toiletries like shampoo really tough.

How to Remove Psoriasis Scales From Scalp

Nevertheless, there must be day-to-day bathing and shampooing in order to remain on top of the scaling and to relieve the accumulation of seborrheic product that can develop on the scalp. You must use a shampoo that has some moisturizing abilities so that the itching is less. Do not scratch the scalp when shampooing the hair as this can intensify the psoriasis. Shampoos and soaps which contain aloe, lanolin, oatmeal and shea cocoa butter are especially relaxing and moisturizing and ought to be used in as many toiletry items as possible.


A healthy scalp and beautiful hair are things which all people ought to be entitled to have. Get that shine-worthy crown of hair back with a great psoriasis shampoo. Make certain to search all brands and compare costs and functions to find the item which will be ideal for the job.

Will Ingrown Hair Heal Itself?

Our body has a natural phenomenon of hair growth in various parts of our body. Androgen is the hormone that is responsible for the growth of ingrown hair in our body. It is secreted in the bodies of men much more than in females. Getting unwanted hair on visible parts of the body is quite uncomfortable for women. The hair sometimes gets curled back into the skin before coming out and this is known as an ingrown hair. Ingrown hair causes redness and tiny pimples around that specific area. a puss can also be formed in that place. This issue can be resolved at home but sometimes requires assistance from the second party.

Will Ingrown Hair Heal Itself?

How to know if a hair is an ingrown hair?

An ingrown hair can be diagnosed on your own, if it has these symptoms:

  • Itchiness
  • Swelling
  • Redness
  • Inflammation

Will Ingrown Hair Heal Itself?

Causes of ingrown hair:

Ingrown hairs are present in our skin, but the problem occurs when they start becoming highly visible, with a little redness and bumpiness. Following can be the reasons for an ingrown hair:

  1. Improper hair removing techniques: You might be removing your skin hair improperly. Aggression while doing the removal process is not at all advised. You might have shaved wrongly in the affected area in a hurry.
  2. Naturally: an ingrown hair might be occurred on its own, without you doing anything. Accumulation of too much debris of your dead skin cells can also turn your skin into a bump. This bump sometimes may contain a pussy white or green liquid. Popping it might be proved dangerous.
  3. Blockage: your follicles of hair might be having some barriers that have lead to ingrown hair. These hair follicles or pores might be blocked either by pollutants or by chemicals of the skin products that you have used in the past.
  4. Less scrubbing: an ingrown hair can appear due to the accumulation of dead skin cells which were not removed at the right time. Not exfoliating your skin once or twice a week is another reason why you are getting ingrown hair infections at regular intervals. Start scrubbing twice a week for smooth skin.

If ingrown hair is left as it is:

Usually, an infected ingrown hair with a bump can go away within a month but sometimes it may take more than 5 or 6 months to completely fade away. If it sticks to you from more time than that, then do not stop yourself from going to a good dermatologist and seek proper advice and guidance. Apply creams as prescribed by him.

How to heal an ingrown hair faster, by yourself?

1. Warm compressions: applying hot or warm compressions with the help of a wet towel or a warm silicone water bottle is an effective cure for ingrown hair.

2. Scrubbing: dead skin cells can also be a reason for an ingrown hair and exfoliating the injured area might help getting rid of it. Best body scrub for ingrown hairs is salt with a pinch of baking powder.

Will Ingrown Hair Heal Itself?

3. Massage: massaging gently with anti-inflammatory medicated creams is also a nice remedy for an ingrown hair with a red bump causing pain.

4. Retinoids: these are medicines having chemical compounds of Vitamin A in it. Vitamin A is known to be a nice anti-bacterial and anti-fungal medicinal salt. Taking these medicines with a dermatologist’s prescription is a good remedy.

5. Stop waxing: do not remove hair around that ingrown hair. Stop using hair removal creams and waxing procedure until the ingrown hair gets treated. Plucking hair from that area might cause bleeding and inflammation.

6. Do not scratch: plucking the ingrown hair or scratching over it, again and again, should be totally avoided. This might cause more damage in that area and might spread the infection.

7. Use tweezers: gentle use of tweezers can help you pluck that unwanted hair, causing less pain and getting rid of it in seconds. Be careful while doing this, check the deepness of the hair before applying this method.

8. Tea tree oil: add a few drops of tea tree oil in warm water and heal the injured or affected area of ingrown hair with this solution. Tea tree is famous for its qualities of opening pores and it also decreases inflammation and irritation.

Precautions to take for an ingrown hair:

  1. Do not squeeze: squeezing or scratching it might worsen the situation of an ingrown hair. It will increase the redness and inflammation. It might cause more pain in the affected area. Leave it as it is and do not touch it, if you do not want to spread its infection to other parts of your body.
  2. Do not pop: popping an ingrown hair with a cyst might release the fluid present ion the pimple but it increases its chances to grow back within a few days. It introduces infection to other areas as well.
  3. Wash with salt water: salt is known to be the best anti-bacterial thing in a household. You can add water to the salt and apply that paste on the impacted area of ingrown hair. It causes relief in lesser time.
  4. Antibiotics: take antibiotics to release the pus-like retinoids and many more are available in medical stores. It is strongly recommended to eat any kind of pills with the reference of an expert medical practitioner. Because it might cause a few side effects and as a patient, you should be aware of the activities of the medicines in your body that you are taking


Regularly exfoliating your skin, i.e., twice a week is suggested by good dermatologists to prevent getting ingrown hairs. Be cautious while removing your body hair as the pubic area in the female body is more likely to prone to ingrown hair due to sensitive skin. If an ingrown hair occurs, then scrub with saltwater by adding warm water. Apply the paste over the infected area. If redness and inflammation are causing pain too, then seek help from a dermatologist and take his prescribed antibiotics and apply creams on time to get rid of the issue.

The Confidence Gap, Part 2: Mentoring Millennials

The media attention surrounding The Confidence Code — a popular book written by journalists Katty Kay and Claire Shipman –has raised awareness around how working women may be holding themselves back from leadership positions due to their own lack of self-confidence.

But where do Millennials fit in?

Known for their ambition, self-awareness and high-education, do Millennial women (born between 1982 and 1994) fall prey to the confidence gap too?

Baby Boomers Lean Back, Millennials Lean In
According to Trang Chu at The Guardian, “While this may be true for a generation of Baby Boomers where women were taught to speak apologetically and lean back from their careers, we could argue this is not the case with the Millennial generation.”

According to Randstad’s most recent Engagement Study, Millennials and Baby Boomers (born between 1946 and 1964) have differing views when it comes to the future of women in the workplace, with Millennials having a more favorable outlook. CNBC projects that Millennials will comprise 75 percent of the global workforce by 2025, so the younger generation’s shifting perceptions of women and leadership could mean positive changes ahead for working women.

For example, both men and women respondents answered the three questions below as part of our Engagement Study. Notice the contrasting view among Millennials and Baby Boomers:

  • My company provides an encouraging environment for women to pursue positions of leadership — Gen Y: 80 percent | Baby Boomers: 74 percent
  • Women and men are rewarded equally at my company —  Gen Y: 79 percent | Baby Boomers: 74 percent 
  • By 2020, I expect there to be many more women in leadership positions in my company/ organization — Gen Y: 70 percent | Baby Boomers: 61 percent

Sidestepping the Confidence Gap
Although Millennials appear to have a more favorable view of women in the workplace, they still encounter roadblocks when it comes to showing confidence, especially overcoming the stereotype of being “too assertive.”

In a recent Forbes article, Forbes contributor J. Maureen Henderson noted that Millennial women generally don’t suffer from lack of confidence – but they are aware that “women are penalized for displays of confidence.”

“Young women don’t lack for personal confidence or ambition,” Henderson writes. “ College-age women are now every bit as narcissistic as their male peers … but when they do behave assertively, they may suffer a whole other set of consequences, ones that men don’t typically experience.”

So how can we encourage Millennial women to sidestep the confidence gap and fearlessly display their ambition in the workplace, and in turn advance to leadership positions that should be rightfully theirs?

Feedback Wanted
Mentoring is key and many companies and women’s organizations are making it a priority. Millennial women are especially eager for mentors in the workplace. In fact, according to Randstad’s Engagement Study, nearly a quarter (23%) of Millennial respondents said mentorship and sponsorship opportunities were beneficial in helping women advance to leadership levels – compared to 16 percent of Baby Boomers.

Chu noted that since Millennial women have grown up in an era of Facebook, instant messaging and Twitter, immediate and constant feeback is what Millennial women expect. “They are hungry for knowledge and want to know how their contributions influence the success of the company,” Chu said. “They are the first generation to actively seek coaching and want support for continuous learning.”

I reached out to other women leaders to get their thoughts on confidence and the importance of mentorship. They’ve provided excellent insight:

Women Need Role Models, Advice
At the Women’s Network in Electronic Transactions ( we recognize the importance of supporting the development of future women leaders and that is specifically why we developed our mentoring program, pairing our younger members with our more seasoned leaders in the payments industry. has unveiled a new online mentoring program where we can enroll 100 women in our nation-wide mentoring program beginning this year. Our goal is to continue to grow our mentoring program so women can find role models and gain advice on reaching the pinnacle of their personal and professional success.” –Lisa Shipley, President, and EVP Managing Director, Transaction Network Services

Know Thyself
“At the heart of self-confidence is ‘knowing thyself.’ Many women we interviewed for the book “Inspiring Women: Becoming Courageous, Wise Leaders” stated the importance of knowledge of self-being and that it’s the key to maintaining their confidence in their personal and professional life. Another recurring theme among the women we interviewed for the book was the confidence factor and the fear of making mistakes related to perfectionism. I love Brene Brown’s quote, ‘Perfectionism is nothing more than a form of armor we use to protect ourselves from being judged.’” –Martha Forlines, Leadership Coach and Consultant/ Speaker, President, Belief System Institute, Author of Inspiring Women: Becoming Courageous, Wise Leaders

Mentoring is a Cornerstone
“At HBA (Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association), members are encouraged to participate in our mentoring program as either a mentee or mentor. Developing future women leaders is a strategic imperative for HBA across the US and Europe.” –Lynn Prothero, Regional Business Director at Lundbeck and Director of the Advisory Board for Healthcare Business Women’s Association (HBA), Atlanta Chapter.

Gen Y: Keep Them Engaged and They Will Succeed
A Harvard Business Review article titled “Mentoring Millennials” took note of this rising generation and their desire for mentoring. “Millennials have high expectations of their employers—but they also set high standards for themselves,” the article stated. “They’ve been working on their résumés practically since they were toddlers, because there are so many of them and so few (relatively speaking) spots at top schools and top companies. They’re used to overachieving academically and to making strong personal commitments to community service. Keep them engaged, and they will be happy to overachieve for you.”

Millennial women will help usher in a new era in the workplace and they certainly bring with them a bright future – with their ambition, strong work ethic, progressive views on women leadership and innovation. Effective business leaders will recognize the specific needs of this generation of women and provide them with the mentorship, feedback and other tools they need to succeed.

To read part one of The Confidence Gap, click here. 

Michelle Prince is Senior Vice President Talent Management for Randstad North America. She provides strategic HR leadership in the areas of talent management, employee engagement, organization effectiveness, and leadership development. Michelle has a passion for supporting the professional development of women. She is an active mentor for Pathbuilders, Inc., an Advisory Committee Member for the Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association Atlanta Chapter, and was a founding member of a corporate women’s networking group. Michelle brings global experience and best practices from a variety of industries including Technology, Financial Services, Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices. Michelle earned a BS from Binghamton University, an MS from Rochester Institute of Technology, and is currently a doctoral candidate with the University of Phoenix.


Women On The Rise Among The World’s Top-Earning Authors

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Watch your back, James Patterson. Sleep with one eye open, Stephen King.

Men still top the list of the world’s highest-earning authors, but this year it’s the women on the list who’ve been making the boldest moves, led by a trio of genre phenoms: Suzanne Collins, E.L. James and J.K. Rowling.

With $20 million in earnings, almost all of it from sales of her “Hunger Games” books, Collins didn’t quite make the most recent edition of the FORBES Celebrity 100. But that was only because she had yet to see her full portion of the proceeds from the first “Hunger Games” film.

Starring Jennifer Lawrence, the Lionsgate picture enjoyed the third-biggest opening weekend ever. To date, it has taken in more than $650 million worldwide.

Collins’s cut of that is believed to be upward of $5 million, not including the $1.5 million she was paid for the rights. That will rise still further with sales of the DVD, released this month. And the gusher is just getting going: The theatrical version of “Catching Fire,” the first of two sequels, is set for release in 2013.

The “Hunger Games” books sold more than 9 million copies in 2011, and sales got a fresh boost this year from the film’s release, but they’re not the trilogy of the year. That honor goes to the “Fifty Shades of Grey” series, which sold 20 million copies in their first four months in wide release.

At the height of “Fifty Shades” mania, the erotic novels were estimated to be generating as much as $1.3 million per week for their author, E.L. James. And that’s not counting the $5 million she received from Universal Pictures and Focus Films for the theatrical rights. Add it all up and James is assured of a place near the top of next year’s top authors list.

(Perhaps “Twilight” author Stephenie Meyer deserves a cut of that? James’s books originated as works of “Twilight” fan fiction.)

Genre fiction and young adult are clearly where the money’s at. But one author who’s conquered those realms as thoroughly as they can be conquered is moving upstream, toward the more challenging waters of adult literary fiction. That would be J.K. Rowling, author of the “Harry Potter” series and the first woman author to become a billionaire.

In September, Little, Brown will publish “The Casual Vacancy,” Rowling’s first novel for adults. The reported $8 million advance Rowling received for the book was enough to vault her back onto the Celebrity 100, with $17 million in estimated earnings.

It also helped that she found a new way to monetize the “Potter” books, selling digital copies via a proprietary online bookstore, Pottermore. Unlike most authors, Rowling never signed over the digital rights to her books. Her timing in launching Pottermore was excellent, with e-book sales surpassing hardcover sales for the first time in 2012. Pottermore sold more than $4 million worth of books in its first month of operation.

Most of the names on this year’s top authors list are familiar ones, from Patterson on down. The thriller maestro, whose young-adult fantasy and sci-fi franchises also do brisk business, took in an astonishing $94 million this year. There’s Stephen King ($39 million), Janet Evanovich ($33 million), John Grisham ($26 million), Jeff Kinney ($25 million), Nora Roberts ($23 million) and Danielle Steel ($23 million).

One newcomer is George R.R. Martin. HBO’s critically adored (and much-pirated) adaptation of his “Game of Thrones” series has turned on a mainstream audience to a fantasy universe that nerds have been raving about for years. Martin sold more than 8 million copies of his “Game of Thrones” books in 2011, including the newest, “A Dance With Dragons,” which sold 750,000 copies in hardcover.

To generate our earnings estimates, we talk to authors, agents, publishers and other experts and review data including Nielsen BookScan sales figures.

Full list: The World’s Top-Earning Authors


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7 Women in Business Resources (Now with Video)

Every now and again I like to assemble the most interesting resources I’ve encountered for small business owners and women in business in general. I’m working on making this a weekly feature – if you have resources to share, you can tweet them with the hashtag #wgbiz, or post them to our Facebook page.

This isn’t a platform for pure self-promotion. Feel free to share your own resource if it’s specifically for or by Women in Business, but keep it short and to the point. We’ll promote the most useful, community-minded submissions in upcoming feature articles, with an ever-so-slight bias towards highlighting community members.

Here are this week’s top resources.

Women In Business Resource #1 – Loosecubes

In one of my favorite Facebook groups, Women Who Tech, Leah Kopperman (@kopperwoman) was kind enough to share an invite to a resource she saw on the Entrepreneur website called Loosecubes. It connects entrepreneurs to “happy and productive workspaces”.

The video below features the founder, a woman named Campbell McKeller. (It’s currently invite-only. I have three – reply to this post if you’d like one.)

Women In Business Resource #2

Local ladies – The Power Conference will be back in Bethesda, Maryland on August 30th. Women Grow Business community Marissa Levin (@InfoExperts) is one of their featured speakers.

So we’ve got to represent and cheer her on! Let me know in the comments if you’re going, and I’ll organize a way for us to meet for lunch or afterwards.

Women In Business Resource #3 – Open Forum’s Infographic Series from American Express OPEN’s study on The State of Women-Owned Businesses

Since July, Open Forum has been celebrating the fact that women entrepreneurs are #PoweringTomorrow in their infographic series. Many of the infographics are based on statistics found in American Express OPEN’s study The State of Women-Owned Businesses.

You can find the latest infographics on Open Forum’s site.

By illustrating how collectively, women-owned businesses are changing the landscape of the business world for the better – generating $1.3 trillion in revenues annually, up more than 58 percent over the past 15 years; this campaign helps paint a picture of the landscape of women in business to fuel a conversation.

Women In Business Resource #4 – Sarah Robinson Talks Loyal Communities

Quick reminder – our monthly Women Grow Business Twitter chat for Women in Business is coming up on Monday the 13th. at noon Eastern. All are welcome of course, though we do slant our discussion to a female audience at times. This time around, Sarah Robinson will be talking about How to Start a Fiercely Loyal community (that page has calendar links if you need a nudge the day of the chat.)

Watch the video below for an extra tip.

Women In Business Resource #5 – Stevie Awards Calls for Entries from Women

The Stevie Awards for Women in Business is now accepting entries. “All female entrepreneurs, executives, and the organizations they run, worldwide, are eligible to be nominated”, according to an article in Virtual Strategy.

You can find the entry kit at the Stevie Awards site.

Women In Business Resource #6: A Crowd Funding Site geared towards Women

Crowdfunding, in layperson’s terms, is the act of organizing the receipt of funding drive from an assembled crowd of like-minded people, rather than from more traditional sources such as financial institutions or one’s piggy bank.

Lately there has been a rise in the conversation surrounding crowd-funding, due to the increasing availability of software to facilitate the activity online.

Today’s resource, Crowdfunding Live was introduced to me just this morning by community member Dr. Letitia Wright.

But more about her in a minute. Here’s more about Crowdfunding Live from their site:

“It was late 2011 when CrowdFunding LIVE was founded. After working together toward the first live event (March 31, 2012), Aggie Kobrin, Deb Augur and Debe Fennell, decided to take the next logical step and start a full fledged crowdfunding site to help “idea people” (especially women) get the funding they need to take their best ideas LIVE!”

What makes it a bit different than your Kickstarter-copycat is that they’re looking to help you have a successful crowdfunding campaign.

And if you need a little bit more help? Well, read on.

Women In Business Resource #7: Crowd Funding Expertise Letitia Wright Offering Free Consultations

Community member Dr. Letitia Wright (@DrWright1), who is one of the leading crowd-funding experts for small business owners.

By that I mean she advises little outfits like the SBA in California, and helps people who don’t quite get how to go from their posting on a site like Kickstarter to a successful campaign. For the rest of the day, you can test out her expertise by calling her office for a free consultation.

Really, free. I had one with her just to see if she was planning on subjecting me to a boring sales pitch (which would be completely out of line with what I know of her. But I couldn’t offer first-hand knowledge if I didn’t check, right). She was very helpful and not salesy at all. (Which of course makes me want to hire her when I have the money, but that’s just me.)

You can read Dr. Wright at 909 235 9744 today, until close of business (5 pm California time, 8 pm in New York).

Here’s a quick video of the kind of advice you’ll be in for:

More Women In Business Resources Next Time

That’s all we have for today. Hopefully I’ll be back here with more next week. I’m thinking we could go with a different theme each week – communities, Twitter lists, Google+ pages, offline organizations. If you have ideas, let me know in the comments section.

Have a great weekend!



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How To Create A Company That Won’t Fail? Put Women On Your Board

When choosing stocks and investment during a tough economy, look for companies with women on the board. That’s what the results of a new study would suggest. According to the report, which comes from Credit Suisse’s research division, companies with at least one female board member have outperformed those with only men over the past six years. The new report analyzed the performance of 2,360 companies around the globe with and without female board members from 2005 onwards. To put those numbers in perspective, only 41% of companies on the MSCI World Index, a collection of global stocks, had any women on their boards at the end of 2005. By the end of 2011, it had increased to 59%.

They found that the companies with boards that included women outperformed stocks with no women on the board by 26%. There is a caveat, though. The report shows a split between different time periods. Between 2005 and 2007, when economic growth was relatively robust, there was little difference in share price performance between companies with or without women on the board. On the other hand, from 2008 onwards, as volatility increased, the companies with female board members outperformed the others.

In other words, “stocks with greater gender diversity on their boards generally look defensive,” write the study authors. “They tend to perform best when markets are falling, deliver higher average ROEs through the cycle, exhibit less volatility in earnings and typically have lower gearing ratios.”

The data raise a larger question: Why does gender diversity improve a company’s performance? One reason could be that companies with female board members are already doing well. Companies may be more likely to have women on the board when they are larger and more established. But the authors say that this doesn’t account for all the benefits shown.

Another reason for the female-led boost could be that diversity increases the performance of all board members. Studies have shown that majority groups improve their own performance in response to minority involvement producing better average outcomes in more diverse environments. In addition, a 2010 study hinted that the collective intelligence of a group was not mostly determined by the average or maximum intelligence of the individuals within the group but was better explained by the style and type of interaction between the group members. More women in the group signaled a greater collective intelligence.

In addition, women are the primary consumer decision makers in homes across the world, and having women on the board may guide companies to better products and services for the people who spend household money.

Women could also help improve how a company acts. The study authors write that research shows that a greater number of women on the board improves performance on corporate and social governance metrics. In addition, research showed that stocks with women on board are more likely to have lower levels of debt than other stocks. Finally, gender-diverse boards were more likely to focus on clear communication to employees, to prioritize customer satisfaction, and to consider diversity and corporate social responsibility.

Getting women on boards is not always a simple task, though. Some governments have chosen to intervene in the gender ratio, and over the past five years, seven countries have passed legislation mandating female board representation and eight have set non-mandatory targets. Those countries are mostly in Europe; in emerging Asian markets, 72% of companies listed have no women on their boards.


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U.S. Women’s Soccer: The Most Compelling Team In American Sports

Alex Morgan (Image credit: AFP/Getty Images via @daylife)

Every few years, from the hazy ether of world sport, the U.S. Women’s National Soccer team rises up and seems to unite a nation like no other team has in a decade or more. One would have to go all the way back to the 1980 U.S. Men’s Hockey team or, if not that far, than at least back to the U.S. Women’s Soccer team’s World Cup-winning iteration in 1991 to find a similar sports squad.

They are easy to root for. They are a great team, but a flawed one, and certainly not dominant. Japan, Brazil and even Canada have caught up. They haven’t won the World Cup since 1999.

With today’s tense 2-1 win over Japan, they are gold medal winners for the fourth time. But they give us drama in both victory and defeat. Witness last year’s shoot-outs in the World Cup, the dramatic win over Brazil in the semifinals, and the equally dramatic loss to Japan in the finals. Or how about this year’s 4-3 stunner over Canada?

A handful of the players are transcendent. Abby Wambach is one of the best women’s players in history, with a knack for game-changing plays.

Some of them are controversial. Goalkeeper Hope Solo was once booted off the national squad after trash-talking a teammate. Then she tested positive for a banned substance before these Olympics, but claimed it came from her pre-mentsrual medication. During the Games she very publicly berated former U.S. star and now-TV commentator, Brandi Chastain, for shoddy game analysis. Wambach, in what some viewed as an utter lack of sportsmanship, pointed out to a ref in the Olympic semifinal that the Canadian goalkeeper was holding on to the ball for too long. The ref made the almost unheard-of call, which eventually led to a tying goal, overtime and a U.S. victory.

They are human. Megan Rapinoe, the tow-headed midfielder, came out before the Olympics. Her teammates supported her. The nation didn’t bat an eye.

They are fun. Alex Morgan is the pony-tailed player perfectly nicknamed “Baby Horse.” She plays with unbridled joy.

These players have no professional league of their own. The Women’s Professional Soccer League shut down this season after three years. There is talk of starting a new league next season, but the history of women’s pro soccer leagues offers little in the way of hope that it will last very long.

It is doubtful that we will hear of many of these players until the next World Cup (2015 in Canada) and next Olympics (2016 in Brazil). We’ll never see some of them on the pitch again.

The players will share just a $1.5 million bonus for winning the gold ($25,000 each), a paltry sum when measured by the takes other professional athletes in the world’s biggest sports leagues. Some of the players have cashed in already on their marketability. Hope Solo has endorsements with Gatorade, Bank of America, Blackberry and Electronic Arts. Some will certainly cash in on these Olympics. Look for Alex Morgan to be featured more prominently by her sponsors, Nike and Coca-Cola.


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